The Lansdowne West Tutoring Centre

since 1972

When a child knows how to learn, homework becomes a fun time. A time for your child to show you that they can succeed!

Recent News




New Workshop Added

We have just added a workshop to help high school students reduce anxiety by learning more effective study strategies.



School Counselor & Coach, Nancy Honigman joins our team.

Where our tutors cover our students academic needs, Nancy works with our students and their families on issues that are socially, emotionally or behaviourally based. In particular, Nancy has been helping young people experiencing anxiety, to find effective strategies in order to overcome their challenge. As well, Nancy traches effective Study Strategies to students both on a one-to-one basis or through workshop format.

How We Teach

At Lansdowne, we use a multi-modality approach to teach your child. This means that we focus on your child’s strengths to improve weaknesses. We take what your child is good at and teach him to apply those skills to areas of weakness. We adapt our teaching to your child’s needs.

There are no cookie cutter programs, no series of booklets to go through. Students get exactly what they need to ensure their success at school. We continuously adapt to reach our primary goal: for your child to become an independent and successful learner, regardless of his or her learning disability.

What We Teach

Student Skills

  • Learning Strategies
  • Study Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Test-Taking Skills
  • Note-Taking Skills

K to Grade 6

  • English
  • French
  • Mathematics

High School

  • English & French
  • History & Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Science & Technology
  • Physics & Chemistry

Cegep & University

  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Calculus 1 & 2
  • Linear Algebra 1
  • Chemistry & Science
  • Social Sciences